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The TSC approach consists of the following steps:

Concept Planning. The current data and processes are well defined inclusive the growth scenarios. This is the basis of a thorough analysis, in which various options and solutions are compared. This is done on the basis of criteria’s such as investment, return on investment (ROI), flexibility and expandability. Ultimately it's all about the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Detailed Planning. Once clear which storage or orderfulfillment method and system fits the best, detailed layouts are generated. Tender documents are generated and quotations from different suppliers are collected and compared. Especially in the larger and more complex systems, simulation at this stage may help. Important is to focus before starting the project on several disciplines: ergonomics, IT requirements, mechanical specifications, availability, reliability, spare parts, Service Level Agreements etc. 

Realization. TSC Logistics can coordinate the complete project during installation and implementation if required.

Modernization and upgrade.

Modernization or upgrade of existing systems can bring major improvements. Logistics systems are designed based on the basis of certain parameters. The designers usually consider a specific growth pattern and a certain degree of flexibility. Such a system should normally be operational for at least ten or fifteen years or even longer.


During the years the system parameters can change substantially. For example a totally new product, the start of a web shop or the acquisition of another company. Experience shows that with relatively minor modifications to, or investments in existing systems major  improvements can be achieved. These are the so called 'quick wins'.

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