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Data analysis - Concept and Detailed Planning - Realization - Modernization and Upgrades.  

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E-commerce Orderfulfillment with batchpicking and Sorter System

This solution can handle over 240.000 items per day

Van Heck Automaterialen.jpg

Orderfulfillment with Shuttle System and Pick to light

Automated solution for goodsreceiving, storage, orderpicking and shipment.


Orderfulfillment with miniload in combination with Sorter and automatic packing line

Pocket Sorter 1.jpg

E-commerce Orderfulfillment with Pocket Sorter


Replenishment to Stores. 

rebuy 2.jpg

Handling of returns 


Orderfulfillment with AutoStore

158920 Ingram Micro Zalando A03_4.jpg

Crossdock solution 

TSC Logistics can also assist in making detailed 3D Layouts and Simulations  of the proposed solutions. 

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